Created by Jewellers With One Thing in Mind: Purely to Create Custom Designs

Matrix provides jewelry-specific and jeweler-friendly tools to design virtual 3D jewelry on screen and create photo-realistic images of your designs. It combines the raw CAD power of Rhino 3D, the organic modeling of T-Splines, the stunning render images of V-Ray, and our own proprietary technology to create the ultimate 3D jewelry creation tool.

Built on Rhino3D

Rhino3D is the world’s most versatile 3D modeler. Giving you faster results  with increditble control. Used in multiple industies, such as architecture, landscaping and the automotive industry

Photorealistic Renderings

Utilizing one of the best rendering engines in the market. V-Ray makes your renders come alive with photorealisit rendering

Robust Tools and Time Saving Features

Matrix UI is easy to use and with the F6 function, tools are only a few clicks away. Metal weight calculations and 3D printing tools makes manufacturing quick. Style sheets allow you to apply elements quickly to different objects

Freeform Modeling

Clayoo 2.5 making organic modeling easier with the ability to sculpt directly on models, emboss and create organic models from scratch using SUBD

Made with Matrix

Matrix is designed to help jewelers do only one thing – create purely custom designs

Halo Builder

Say good-bye to the days when you created halos from scratch. Let Matrix do the heavy lifting. This interactive builder, complete with Viewport Control Handles, does all the mathematical calculations to create a dynamic stone layout while you focus on the look of your halo. The new Halo Builder saves you time while earning you money

Smart Flow

Smart Flow just got smarter. Connect your base surface to one or more destination surfaces and let Smart Flow keep track of the rest. Design on the base surface, and Matrix updates the design on the destination surface, allowing you to design organically while letting the program perform all the mathematic calculations of where things exist in three-dimensional space.

Image Trace

Transform any image into Matrix curves. Import an illustration, picture or your child’s artwork into the builder and let Matrix Image Trace do the busy work outlining the image into usable Matrix Curves.

Sweep four with four profile

The crowd goes wild! The much anticipated Sweep Four brings surface modelers to their feet with excitement. Define the location for the profile and Sweep 4 automatically inserts a profile through the four rails. Choose the profile shape, rotation, and tilt. Then, the builder splits your profile and sweeps each of the four sections, individually, keeping the profile aligned. Edit one of the rail curves, and the profile will magically transform to adhere to the rail.

Go Organic with Clayoo

You can work directly in Matrix – SCULPT EMBOSS and SCULPT

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